"EcoTech Urbanism: an integrated approach to development with 5 main spheres of activity: natural capital, culture contact management, education, entrepreneurship and EcoTech."


The key to this project and a robust business on its own, education also provides physical and social protection for the other VIVIDKalimantan activities and interests as well as for the people involved.

The first project is the West Kalimantan intraGlobal Center for Education, Culture and Sports in Bengkayang.

- Be an education think-tank in the region and provide educational opportunities to various communities.
- Become a hub of educational, cultural and leisure activities.
- Develop a school model, curriculum and materials for replication and distribution to other schools regionally and nationally.



development of entrepreneurial skills and mindset so that the growth of the local economy across all industry sectors rests principly on local ownership and control.
- Create employment opportunities.
- Become partners with local businesses who follow ECOTECH urbanism principles of environmental and social consciousness by providing capital and/or financial services which allows us to direct businesses towards certain practices and products and to generate streams of revenue (VIVID Business Development).



     Hydro-electric, solar, biomass (palm waste)…
- Implement green energy on project (iG Center, villages), city and regional levels.
- Deliver energy to local energy grid for local use and to the national electricity provider.

Sustainable Solutions

Micro/macro-solutions, infrastructure, urban planning, waste and water management, natural dyes, plastic alternatives…

- Implement sustainable solutions on project (iG Center, villages), city and regional levels.

- Deploy blockchain technology throughout all its activities to ensure transparency and accountability.
- All transactions are governed by smart contract execution, ensuring a coherent management and ledger system.


- Acquire and conserve remaining rainforest in the region through our 25-year stewardship program.
- Promote rainforest as a public utility provider (oxygen, clean air) on the level of water and electricty.
- Raise the monetery value of oxygen needed for one person for one year from US$8 to US$80.
- Acquire and conserve rainforest in similar regions through our 25-year stewardship program.


CCM – Culture Contact Management

- Ensure that benefits from ECOTECH urbanism are directly felt by the local communities.
- Aid in proper protection, development and adaptation of local customs and beliefs.
- Advise and empower villages to take ownership of and sustain their community and their development.
- Transmit local traditional customs and beliefs by integrating them within our educational curriculum.