VIVIDKalimantan & EcoTech Urbanism

VIVIDKalimantan provides urban and social development solutions to communities in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo.

VIVIDKalimantan partners with communities and is a shareholder in the growth of their smart economy and ecosystem.
Our ECOTECH URBANISM (ETU) approach to development integrates 3 profit-generating activities: 

Shareholder in all iG Center and education related activities and products(intraGlobal Center for Education, Culture & Sports)

Partner in 300 businesses started by local entrepreneurs across all industry sectors within 2 years

Return on renewable energy (hydroelectric, biomass, solar, tide)
Return on infrastructure and sustainable solutions (agriculture, water and waste management, transportation)
As part of our business model:

55 000 hectares of undeveloped rainforest will be conserved through our natural capital stewardship program.

Quality of life of local population improves as they become business owners, students, skilled producers, creators and consumers in an economically flourishing smart ecosystem.